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EmployAbility Midlands

Employability Midlands

EmployAbility Midlands aim to provide all service users (job seekers, employers and other stakeholders) with a quality service which is both courteous and efficient. We support individuals with disabilities or in need of support, in Counties Laois, Offaly, Longford and Westmeath to secure paid employment where possible.

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  • Tel 057 9323901
  • Email tullamore@employabilitymidlands.com
  • Website www.employabilitymidlands.com


Mission Statement: “EmployAbility Midlands exists to support people with a disability or illness to find and maintain employment”

While initially based on the Supported Employment model which was developed for people with learning difficulties, the National EmployAbility Service demonstrates that the service can successfully be applied to all disability groups. As a strategy for enabling people with disabilities to access open employment.


EmployAbility Service is based on the following key principles:

      • Placements in the open labour market
      • Support throughout the entire process
      • Paid employment
      • Integration

EmployAbility supports Job Seekers by
✓ To identify skills and abilities
✓ By facilitating work experience placements
✓ To find a suitable job
✓ With ongoing support during and after work

EmployAbility supports Employers by:
✓ Providing advice and assistance on grants and financial supports
✓ Helping to recruit the right person
✓ Providing jobseekers on a short trial basis, free of charge
✓ Providing on-site support with induction and training
✓ Providing jobseekers to fill positions with short or irregular


We recently hired an individual with a disability through EmployAbility Midlands, he is now
a valued member of the Flancare team and we would encourage other companies to seize this
wonderful opportunity.

Jonathon Grehan, Managing Director, Flancare Warehousing and Logistics, Athlone

Having employed several people with disabilities through EmployAbility Midlands, I can totally recommend the service to other employers. The advice and support we received on
financial incentives along with the ongoing mentoring and support for ourselves and the employees made the entire recruitment process hassle free. The personal support from the Employment Officer made the paperwork and experience very straight forward

Gerry Murtagh Owner, Wheelchair Cars Ireland