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Davy Hynes

Davy Hynes – Oil Burner Technician

Davy is an oil burner technician responsible for maintaining, repairing, and servicing oil burners and heating solutions as well as flushing heating systems.

Contact details

  • Contact Davy Hynes
  • Tel 086 3842777
  • Email Davyhynes@gmail.com


David’s remit also includes the servicing of boilers, as well as providing a plumbing repair service he also carries out general maintenance work. He covers both residential and commercial establishments.┬áHe is registered with Oftec and is fully insured.


Davy called to my house to service the oil burner. As well as a service Davy also did the clean-up and replaced parts. Davy was very thorough and professional in his work.
The system actually stopped working last year and an expert called out to replace the pump and get the system going again. That is all he did – no service but a service is what was really needed.
Davy also provided efficiency and emissions report of how the system was now running. Very impressive! I would definitely recommend Davy for his work.

Aidan Hand
Michael Martin Life & General Insurance Broker, Athlone