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About the Midland Business Network

The Midland Business Network is a networking business group situated in Athlone, Co. Westmeath and is run by businesses for businesses. It is not a social club, fraternity or talk shop. Every member joins to grow their business. The Network has rules which each member must agree to and follow.

As with any business the Network sets goals for itself and measures performance against these goals. The key to our success is flexibility and adaptability. We continually monitor our performance so that we can adapt to members’ needs or take action to avail of a business opportunity which will benefit the networking group members.

We meet once a week to discuss issues of mutual interest that arise in our working environment. Through our business networking we provide professional connections, mentorship and business referrals, increased knowledge and testimonials as well as receiving support on how to achieve your individual business and personal goals.

At our weekly meetings our members don’t just show up and expect business referrals. We show up, we discuss, we network, get involved and help each other to grow our businesses!

By joining the Midland Business Network Athlone you’ll make local business connections that will lead to new business and leads for you! Come along as a guest visitor to one of our meetings with no obligation to join. Get in touch with Arlene today to arrange this.

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The Midland Business Network is comprised of a variety of business categories. There is a strict policy that only one business category can join the Network at any time. Therefore, once you have joined the group, your business category is secure until such time as your leave the Network. This avoids conflict of interest within the Network where two businesses might otherwise provide the same services or produce.

One major advantage of such a policy, is that various business categories will naturally compliment each other and easily pass referrals to each other. For example, building trades, financial sector, leisure/entertainment sectors and so on. By working together as a group, the possibilities exist for business growth between members  which would not be available to them if they operated individually.

Why Join?

Grow your business

During our weekly meetings which include member 1-2-1s, advice, education & networking breakfasts.

Give and Get Referrals

We monitor both group & individual performance to ensure everyone is geared towards referrals.

Non Competitive

As only one membership per business category is allowed, the network is a non competitive place to grow.

Work Together

Get to know other local businesses so that you can form strategic alliances & advance your network.

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