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Vintius Racing Team visit to MBN

Vintius Racing Team visit to MBN

On 10th July 2019, Midlands Business Network enjoyed a lively and informative presentation by members of the Vintius Racing Team from Marist College Athlone.Having qualified at F1 in Schools™ competition at national level, Vintius Racing is preparing to represent Ireland in the F1 in Schools™ World Championship in Abu Dhabi in November 2019. This is a wonderful achievement for these local students.

Conor, Brian, Eoghan and Callum explained that F1 in Schools™ is the world’s largest STEM competition in which teams of students aged 9 – 19 must design, analyse, manufacture, test and race miniature compressed-air powered F1 cars.

Each team is responsible for raising funds and securing sponsorship to fund research, design, manufacturing, travel, accommodation and all costs associated with the event.During their presentation and the question and answer session which followed, the team members demonstrated excellent communication skills and an in-depth knowledge of engineering, manufacturing, technology, marketing and financial strategy.

At the World Finals, the model car, the design and manufacturing quality, display booth, verbal presentation, enterprise portfolio, engineering portfolio and race times will all be subject to examination and scoring.

Midlands Business Network was most impressed with the knowledge and professionalism demonstrated, and wishes every success to Conor, Brian, Eoghan, Callum, Alexander and Ronan in Abu Dhabi.

Midlands Business Network is proud to provide financial sponsorship to Vitnius Racing. In addition, MBN member Damien Caulfield provided advice and assistance with the team website, which can be found here https://www.vintiusracing.com/